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Chinese character: hao

This picture shows the evolution of hao. Hao is an adjective that means 'good', 'fine', 'it's settled', or 'okay'. It is represented by the characters 'woman' (left) and 'son'(right). For a scholar in ancient China having a wife and a son is a good thing, a sign of stability and symbol of filial piety. It is spoken with the third tone, in which your voice goes from mid-register, to low register, then back up to mid register. With the third tone it is important to keep it momentarily in your throat so people can discern its third-toneness.

Edit: I just realized that would make an awesome animated icon. Too bad I have no idea how to make them. *sadface*

Here is my pathetic attempt at hao.

I'm not sure which is worse, my photography skills or my writing.

In the lower left corner you can also see my attempt at Ni, which means you, and in the upper my attempt at remembering cursive. Which I failed at. lol

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